Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tightly Curly Attempt!!!

So a few days ago I attempted to try the Tightly Curly Method....In a nutshell...I failed the process :/. Ive been seeing this method used on the internet and blogs A Lot, so I decided to give it a try! I started by pre-pooing my hair, and since I had already clarified my hair a few days back I decided to skip that step. I rinsed my pre-poo with water that was hot enough for me to take. After my hair was soaking wet, I added my conditioner(VO5 strawberries and cream moisture milks) ..lots of it, as stated in the method. Sectioned the hair, smoothed in small section, and once my natural curls started to fall and clump together on their own..I fingered twirled. It became a Little time consuming so I got lazy and just added flexi Rods to medium sized portions of my hair. I sat under the dryer for abt 30 mins. and air dried the rest of the way. I love the outcome and how my hair feels, plus how moisturized it still is after three days! Caution when using this method as to the Conditioners (Combing Conditioners) you leave in...some are not good for you! I used the VO5, but when using the ingredients dictionary on I found one ingredient that may not but good to leave in and was under investigation, so that threw up a red flag. I still think its a great conditioner..but I will not use it as a leave in anymore. Only when shampooing and co- washing. The site has recommended conditioners to use, so my next attempt would most likely be Aveeno Nourish and shine or Ausie Moist. Please make sure you do your research when trying this Method!

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