Thursday, March 31, 2011

HAIR/FITNESS Resolutions 2011

Resolution; Strictly making goals to attain long strong healthy natural tresses and super toned Bombshell body. These are just some of my goals. Make your own chart outling things that you want this year not just beauty and wellness, it can be any aspect of life...My Career is High on my agenda aswell.

I decided to start off at a reasonble paced small but very efficient for both goals.
Hair Resolution 2011
  • No excessive heat to my hair (meaning as little as possible only if needed) Being a model this is a hard task depending on the client you are working for. They may require lots of straightening techniques. I've experienced this the last job I booked in NY :(
  • Shampoo close to every week, or when needed. note: To dilute shampoo add 3 parts water and one part shampoo. A lot of shampoo's dry hair out and aren't good for natural hair and retaining moisture.
  • Everytime I wash my hair give myself a hot oil treatment. Really helps in detangleing, moisture, and retaining length. rinse out with very warm water.Questions about oil rinsing, feel free to let me know!
  • Deep condition my hair everytime I wash my hair. Allowing myself to leave in for a couple hours 4-5.
  • After deep rinse with cold water to seal cuticles. This aids in less frizzy moisturized shiny hair.
  • Alternating just Co-washes without shampooing twice a month
  • Seal in moisture with your favorite oils or curly leave in/pudding ie. Vadtika,coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary, morocan oil etc. pudding/butters; miss jessie's curly pudding,shea butter etc.
  • Experiment with more styles alternating with little manipulation. Twist-outs,Braid-outs,Flexi rod-sets...
My fav. styles at the moment are bantu-knots,High pony tail/bun, and fish tail side cornrow.
Here's my hair, It has probably grown a lot since these where taken. Tell me what you think!:

Hello Blog World!!!

 Hello Loves. I'm Kristina B. Model/Designer; Currently obssesed with Hair, Fashion, Modeling, Wellness/Exercising. Follow me as I document my hair growth process as a natural,Body toning,amd my Career in modeling! Let the Journey Begin! You all are more than welcome to contact me with questions/and or comment. Very open to feedback and what you guys want to see from me ^_^