Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hair Update!!!

So my last post was about my Results of the Tightly Curly Method on my hair. I absolutely loved it. Can I say that I got a lot of wear out of it..lasted me about 4 days. To me with more wear It gave me bigger hair so it just got better with time. It actually could have gone longer, I just wanted to experiment with a high bun! Here's what I did:

Got into the shower, let hot water run through my hair while massaging the scalp to kind of lift the residue. Applied Vo5's strawberry's and cream all over instead of using shampoo. Rinsed with cold water.
Next I applied Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration to soaking wet hair, then section the hair off. Finger combed the conditioner through and paddle brushed sectioned hair a little to break the my natural curls up. (Did this all over the head)..and Viola' let completely dry before you continue to do anything with it! ex. style..put in bonnet.

Also I had two new products that save me from flattened hair because of sleeping on it. (wild sleeper)
Aveda's Be Culry Curl enhancer and Aveda's Be Curly Style Prep, they can Revive any part of the hair that the curl becomes loose on or completely flat. Used this stuff have out of the two for now has to be the style prep!

Ok so for reviving my curl..I just wet my hands, tilted my hair over and scrunched the pieces that needed it, then added the style prep or mix of the two products together in the same scrunching motion. All fixed in two seconds!

Hair Last Day!

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